Invitations and Suites
A custom invitation is a beautiful way to present your style and set the tone for your special day.

Invitations can be writtten in calligraphy or a combination of calligraphy and type. Custom art work can also be designed to add a personal and unique touch.

Design time will vary depending on the complexity and number of changes made throughout the process. Help with the wording and etiquette is provided as a complimentary service to you.

A wedding invitation suite includes:
the invitation, reply card and return address / reply address. Typically a custom designed all calligraphed suite takes two weeks to prepare and the final product will be image files that your printer will use to produce the pieces in your suite.

All Calligraphic, print-ready artwork:
Invitation only: $300
Suite: $425

Most printers require a 10 business day production time but this will vary. Be sure to account for shipping time between them and their destination.

Additional pieces such as maps, menus and programs can also be created for you and depending on complexity may increase the amount of prepartation time.

I work with printers and can print your pieces directly.

Envelope Addressing
Addressing your envelopes with hand written calligraphy to compliment the wedding invitation you designed or chose is a wonderful way to add a personal touch and elegence to welcome your most cherished family and friends.

Outer Envelope Only: $3.25 each
Inner / Outer Set: $4.00 each set

Prices assume a 3 line outer envelope, traditionally styled with a tiered indent and a centered inner envelope, when included.

Common additional charges:
Outer envelope,
Additional lines: $1.00 each
Centered address: $2.00 each
Drawn guidelines: $1.25 each
Common for heavy colored papers or envelopes with dark colored liners.

With my compliments:
Matching the script style and color of your invitation.
Etiquette review of your guest list. if requested.

Work will be completed within two weeks from the time I have received both your envelopes and typed guest list, for most orders.

Please provide at least 15% extra envelopes for spoilage to ensure completion.

Extra charges may be incurred for:
envelopes with heavy liners, metallic inks, elaborate flourishes, addresses of more than three lines, writing guests’ middle names and centering addresses and will be discussed prior to beginning work.

Place cards and escort cards can also be written to match the style and color of your pieces. Short time lines can be accommodated for these items by request.

Place Cards, traditionally written: $ 1.00
eg Mr. Jones; Mrs. Jones
Place Cards, alternatively written: $ 1.25
eg James Jones; Sarah Jones

Escort Cards, traditionally written: $ 1.25
eg; Mr. and Mrs. Jones and a table number.
Escort Cards, alternatively written: $ 1.50
James and Sarah Jones and a table number

Custom Pieces
Certificates, menus, maps, poems or anything else you can think of can be written and created for you. Please contact me to discuss your ideas.

If applicable, is at your expense and by the method you choose. Costs are greatly reduced by increasing the shipping time (UPS and FedEx ground are both reasonable options but may require several days). Shipping from the print shop to me is also an option to save on some shipping costs. I can also stuff stamp and mail your invitations for you for not much more than many shipping costs.

In a Rush?
If you need something quickly I can often accommodate your request but rush charges may apply.

Please call or email me with pricing questions.